The most important thing to not forget…

right now is that the lockdown will only be temporary and if there’s one thing we can guarantee right now it’s this.

Picture the scenario.

The vast majority of golfers are going to be at home, there’s no live sport on the television, just reruns on the Masters and Ryder Cup (if you’re lucky enough to have Sky).

To make up for this rather large gap in their life most will be on their tablets, smartphones, PCs and laptops looking for something to keep them entertained and waiting for the day they can get back out on the course.

Here’s some evidence to back this up:

And I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say they’re choosing which club they’re going to play once lockdown is over and the golf clubs open again.

According to a survey by Censuswide their research has shown that:

“consumers are looking to brands to spread some positivity during this time as almost 7 in 10 (68%) of Brits deem the release of positive news from brands as very or somewhat important”.

It’s also affecting purchasing decisions with almost 3 in 5 surveyed:

“strongly or somewhat agree that the way brands are behaving during covid-19 is going to affect their decision to give them their business in the future”.

This is why it’s vitally important golf businesses don’t go into their shell and shut up shop during this lockdown period but be out their engaging and entertaining their prospective clients.

So what is content marketing? 

Content marketing is a way of providing your potential customers with content that will educate, entertain and hopefully inspire them to eventually purchase from you.

Think of a blog post on how to lower your handicap or a factual email from a brand whose emails you always open.

But the best way to understand what content marketing is to watch this video from the European Tour where leading pros try to come up with viral content video ideas:

What problems does it solve?

These days, the traditional forms of marketing with offers and promotions are becoming less and less effective.

The analogy is you’re asking for marriage (a sale) before you’ve even been on a date (content).

It’s said that only 3% of your customers are ready to buy so what about the rest?

Consistent content marketing will keep your brand top of mind and builds relationships so when customers are ready to make a purchase, your business is the one they choose first.

How much does it cost? 

The only thing that content marketing really costs is time. And that’s why it gets left behind so much.

That is why it’s so important to invest your time in promoting your golf club now whilst you can reach golfers who are in the decision-making process of where to play, join or book once the lockdown ceases.

Right now, that 3 % of customers is actually 0%, but in a few weeks time the number is going to increase significantly.


  1. There are many different types of content you can post during the lockdown, here are just a few our clients have run:
Guess the hole

(Here’s a link to the quiz we built which has generated over 200 free leads: VIEW THE QUIZ)

• or finally, check out our guide ‘Killer Social Media Post Ideas’ for more ideas and inspiration.

2. Try delegating the task to a member of staff who enjoys taking photos and get them to start taking photos and creating content.

3. Get started today. If you need more help, check out Hubspots Guide to Content Marketing in 2020

Some tips

  1. It’s not hard to tick golfers boxes when it comes to content marketing. Make your content as visual as possible with the best images you have of your course with some catchy posts and you’ll generate engagement.
  2. Not only does it help with new business, but it will also engage with your most important customers, your members.
  3. You don’t need expensive cameras or equipment. These days, iPhone or smartphone cameras will do the job perfectly for what you’re looking to achieve.
  4. Boost your posts with some paid ads to local golfers or retargeting your website visitors. A little spend can go a long way on these kinds of posts.
  5. Don’t give up too soon. Content marketing is the epitome of being a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to marketing. Results will come but they won’t happen overnight so be patient.

Any questions?

If you’ve got any questions about marketing in the golf industry, why not get in touch.

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