78% of sales go to the first company to respond

After 4 and a half years in this business, if there’s one thing we’ve found that holds our clients back when it comes to generating new membership and society sales, it’s having the staff to follow up over the phone with enquiries.

The vast majority of all the big golf operators, resorts and golf holiday specialists have a golf sales / telesales team that will call every single enquiry from their website and through their digital marketing lead-generation campaigns.

One of the major reasons these companies have invested in resource intensive telemarketing teams is because:

According to a study of small/medium business published by the Harvard Business Review, “for inquiries submitted on the web, 78% of sales go to the first company to respond”.

A study in Forbes.com also showed:

71% of internet leads are wasted, because businesses fail to respond fast enough.

So whilst digital marketing lead-generation campaigns can be fantastic at grabbing people’s attention and contact details, these leads can quickly become cold and end up purchasing from your competition because businesses don’t have an adequate process to follow-up with enquiries.

Firstly, how many golf managers in the UK have the time to take an hour or more out of their day and call every lead that comes in, pre-qualify and nurture them before inviting them in for a round of golf? It’s an essential but incredibly time intensive duty that is mostly labelled a ‘nice to have’.

Secondly, how many golf clubs in the UK can afford to recruit, train, manage and pay the salary of a full-time or part-time golf sales manager? Of course the big resorts and operators can afford this luxury but they have much deeper pockets and can usually spread the cost across multiple courses.

This is why we’ve decided to invest in a Golf Sales Division within Albatross to help golf clubs who don’t have the time to follow-up over the phone.

Our team at Albatross are enthusiastic and passionate about growing the wonderful game of golf and generating a better ROI for our clients. We are constantly looking at ways to evolve our service to meet the demands of an ever changing industry and help our clients keep pace with these changes.

One of the key patterns that has developed over the 12 months is the success that our clients have when they have the ability to pick up the phone and follow up on those warm leads compared to those clubs who have less capacity to perform such a task…and we know how difficult it can be to find the time!

One such example we have seen early this year is a society lead generation campaign we ran for a new client.

The campaign generated 130 society leads, and by calling every single lead they were able to generate 15 new bookings in the first month, worth over £12,000 in new revenue!

With another busy summer coming up and even less time to focus on making those vital sales calls, Albatross have developed a solution to take the headache of this key task away and deliver a service that meets those requirements.

We are delighted to introduce our “done for you” sales solution. Our expert Golf Sales Team will be on hand to call all the warm leads that are generated using our digital marketing service and ultimately convert those leads into more and more sales.

The service will include a fully trained sales executive with experience within one of the UK’s leading golf businesses and a passion and knowledge of golf to follow up on all leads that are generated for your club.

Generating the best possible ROI for all our clients is what drives us as a business and if we can help you to generate just one extra member or society booking each month using our sales service it will of course represent an excellent ROI.

Obviously our goal is to generate much more!

Any questions?

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James Wilkinson
James Wilkinson

For over 5 years, Albatross Digital founder James Wilkinson has helped over 100 golf clubs including Celtic Manor and Woodhall Spa succeed using digital marketing.

I've also spoken and written about how to execute effective golf club marketing strategies for associations and partners including the GCMA, UKGolf Federation, England Golf, Wales Golf, 59 Club, Club Systems and more..

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