In fact, the most successful golf clubs we work with think about society sale 12 months of the year. Here’s why…

They say the early bird catches the worm

All clubs are all well versed in how to handle a golfer with a need. Even if you’re not a professional salesperson, you can sell to someone who is ready to buy a membership or book a society.

The big challenge is the percentage of golfers in your area who are proactively ready to buy and interested in your club 12 months of the year is very small.

Approximately, just 3% of your market is buying at any given time, the rest are not.

It is essential for a successful marketing and sales campaign to start generating leads and building your database of society contacts months in advance of when golfers are actively looking to book their society days so you’re not playing catch up when golfers are ready to book.

This is why early Autumn is the perfect time to start generating society leads so you are ready to upsell your packages in October and November to those well-organised societies who like to have their dates secured well in time before the 2019 season.

But the sales don’t stop there

After Christmas, the hundreds of society golfer leads you’ve collected in early autumn of the previous year whilst all the other clubs were concentrating on other areas of their business, are now starting to think about what clubs they should be booking their dates for their 2019 society days.

So what better time to send an email in February and March to your new society database and remind them you’re open for business with a link to your 2019 packages.

We believe there are two types of businesses in this world:

  1. Those that just focus on the 3%
  2. Those that focus on the 3% and the 97%

At Albatross Digital Golf, we allow golf clubs to concentrate on 100% of their leads by marketing to people who don’t have a need for your services, but will some day.

We like to focus a significant portion of your marketing resources on the lower 97% so your club is top of a mind when a customer is ready to buy.

Any questions?

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James Wilkinson
James Wilkinson

With over a decade’s experience in digital marketing, Albatross Digital founder James Wilkinson has been working exclusively with golf clubs since 2015.

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