How you can generate up to 70 members in 1 day

The membership open day has long been used as a tactic by golf clubs to bring in new members each year. In recent years however, the idea of the membership open day has become less popular. There is a combination of factors such as a lack of commitment from the clubs, poor advertising leading to poor turnout and also attracting golfers that are just looking for a free round.

But an open day that is planned well in advance, well-advertised, unique and has the full support of the club staff and officials can still be an incredibly effective way of recruiting new members.

This is proven in the results a number of our clients have been able to achieve using membership open days;

Chichester Golf Club


New members

Bridgnorth Golf Club


New members

Horton Park Golf Club


New members

Wanstead Golf Club


New members

So how were the clubs above able to generate these kinds of results?

Firstly, it is important to understand that there is no magic formula and that every club will require their own unique variation to suit their requirements. But, there are a number of things that we have seen work very well for a number of our clients;

This is proven in the results a number of our clients have been able to achieve using membership open days;

Plan in advance

  • When putting together your marketing plan for the year have one or two dates set aside for an open day
  • Pick the right times of year when you know the course conditions will impress your guests
  • Ensure that you have plenty of promotional literature and application forms ready for the day
  • Ensure you have the right staff and club officials available on the day

Good Advertising

  • Gone are the days where you could put such an advert in a local paper and potential members would flock to the course
  • Target local golfers on Facebook with a lead magnet which will allow you to collect data and understand the golfing habits of your local golfers (Lead magnet such as “Win a membership”)
  • Use the data collected to send “Exclusive” open day invites to the very best membership prospect

Entice golfers to attend

  • Don’t be afraid to add something different that will entice local golfers to attend your open day
  • Don’t just offer the standard free round of golf
  • Offer things like a goodie bag which could have thinks such as a green fee voucher, food & drink voucher, ball marker, sleeve of balls with the club’s logo etc

On the day

  • Give the very best possible experience to all your guests
  • Provide guided tours of the facilities, introduce them to staff, good food & drink, coaching clinics and the option of golf
  • Club Captains available to welcome people to the club
  • Have a good variety of membership options available on the day

Get commitment

  • Have one time only offers that are available to those golfers who sign up on the day
  • Offers can be a reduced price or reduced joining fee but we would recommend adding value (free lesson with the pro, club shirt and cap, extra money on bar card)
  • Get feedback from attendees

This can appear to be a daunting process but if you can do the majority of your membership recruitment across one or two open days each year it can be incredibly lucrative to the club. If you consider the figures from our clients above do not include secondary spend or the lifetime value of a member, those open days could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to the clubs.

In conclusion, make sure you include membership open days in your marketing plan, don’t be lazy and just offer free golf, give the golfers a proper experience that makes it difficult to say no when the application form is placed in front of them.

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