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New members in just 3 months


In new revenue

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Driving New Society And Membership Sales

Druids Heath is a traditional members club and is renowned for its well manicured course, tree lined fairways and fast undulating greens. Druids Heath pride themselves on delivering a first class service to members, visitors and guests a like. The club was keen to let a wider golfing audience know they were open for business through their social media presence.

Increasing revenue

The clubs General Manager, Gareth Anthony identified the potential impact of the poor winter weather and engaged the services of Albatross in January. The goal was to build a pipeline of pre-qualified membership and society leads so the club could hit the ground running coming into the spring. Gareth identified that their other forms of more traditional marketing were not delivering a return on investment and was keen to try something different.

The campaign

Druids Heath GC partnered with Albatross Digital Golf to create campaigns to generate new society and membership sales.

Build a database of pre qualified leads

Albatross worked in partnership with Gareth to devise a digital strategy that would fit both the reputation and overall goals of the club. The decision was taken to offer a high value prize as a lead magnet on social media which would allow us to capture a significant amount of data from local golfers.

The key condition of entry to win the prize was to fill in a pre-qualifying survey which allowed us to collect key data such as if they are interested in membership and if they were part of a society.The aim was to promote the clubs friendly and welcoming nature as well as the quality golf course through the use of high quality course imagery and positive customer reviews. This would allow us to deliver the clubs offering to a highly targeted regional audience.

The results

37 new members in less than 6 months

The campaign resulted in 37 new members joining the club between Feb to Apr and 10 new society bookings. The projected value of new business directly attributed from the Albatross campaign is over £40k for Druids Heath in the first year with a lifetime value which is worth substantially more.

In 3 months Druids Heath results:

  • Ads seen by 69,897 local golfers
  • £30,000+ in membership and green fee sales to date
  • £5,000+ in society sales
  • Projected sales of £40,000+
  • 1182% Return On Investment on Campaign
  • 10125% Return On Facebook Ad SpendCalculated at a rate of 50% conversion of 2-month trial members into full members.

“Our whole value in the market has gone through the roof since working with Albatross and we’ve generated over £40k in membership revenue in just 3 months”

Gareth Anthony
General Manager – Druids Heath Golf Club

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