Next Generation Golf Club

Grow Pitch from fledgling golf start-up to renowned indoor golf & social establishment


in 6 months


Led to new round of investment


Leads generated


Ad impressions

Our Approach

Serious golfers, serious vibes.

With Pitch’s position of part serious golf academy and part social establishment, we needed to create multi-layered campaigns that satisfied commercial goals and spoke to consumers.

By building a bedrock of membership focused digital marketing that communicated the ultra advanced GC2 Foresight tech, we crucially built an ongoing revenue stream. From here, our tactical deployment of social & entertainment focussed marketing led to more revenue through the door, broadening our appeal and building the brand’s notoriety as a great experience hub.

For each strand of our activity we honed our targeting, optimised our activity and tactically switched on and off to deliver excellent results for Pitch.

Key Services

Creative Development
Social Media Strategy
Video Production
Stills Shoot
Digital Media Buying